COVID-19: Stirling Open Postponed

Message from Stirling Storm committee as follows:

Dear all,

Thank you all for your interest in what was set to be one of the biggest and most successful Stirling STS tournaments ever.

The STA board met earlier on in the week with the topic of upcoming tournaments on the table. Unfortunately, due to the open-ended and unpredictable nature of the pandemic we are all experiencing, the STA and club have taken the decision to cancel the Stirling Open.

On a more positive note, this is see you later and not goodbye for the Stirling STS. We’ll continue to work with venues, the STA and clubs to find a suitable date when this is all over. The Edinburgh Open remains on at the end of June so we can hope for resolution by this point!

If you’ve already paid your deposit for the tournament we will work to return this to you very shortly.

Stay safe, stay fit and we’ll see you all again soon.

Stirling Storm Committee

COVID-19 Update

Dear all, 

I’m sure many of you will be aware of the recent developments in the coronavirus situation as the response enters it’s next phase. Over the course of yesterday, many large sporting bodies took the decision to cancel large events and domestic sessions. After meeting with the European Federation of Touch, the Scottish Touch Association (STA) have come to a decision regarding touch in Scotland at the moment.

The decision has been taken to postpone all events and training sessions for the time being, pending reassessment by the STA. This included domestic touch and international training camps. At present, there is no date where touch will return. You can read more on this statement here:

We at Stirling Storm HQ are obviously gutted by this, with the fantastic numbers we’ve had at Winter Training over the past weeks and with the Central Challenge Cup so near to tap off on Sunday. 

We wish you all good health during this uncertain time and hope to see you on the touch field again sometime very soon.

Best Wishes,
Andy Shaw, Stirling Storm President
Calum Sreenan, Stirling Storm Vice-President

Central Challenge Cup

Stirling Storm and Stirling University are proud to bring a new addition to the touch calendar! The Central Challenge Cup will take place over 4 legs – March 15th and 29th and April 12th and 19th. These events will be ideally suited for new players, aiming to provide a relaxed environment to introduce them to the competitive game. Although aimed at new and intermediate players, all are welcome with the aims in mind!

Entry is £100 per team for the full series. Maximum squad size for each week is 14 players although this can be fluid between legs. We have room for 8 teams. Each team will play two 40 minute matches on each leg, attaining points for wins, draws and losses. The final game of the 4th week will include play-offs for the Central Challenge Cup. All matches will be played at Airthrey Pitches (grass) at Stirling University – with some contingency built in for the brutal weather at the moment!