New Stirling Storm Kit!

A new name and new brand is exciting right?  Well the absolute best thing about a new name is NEW KIT!!!

We’ve teamed up with Belief to produce some awesome looking kit and are hoping for a huge order from club members.

Belief have kindly provided us a range of samples so you can try on and make sure you get the best size.  Here are the times you can try on kit and place your order:

  • Wednesday 1st April (Training at Uni)
  • Thursday 2nd April (Social at Brewhouse)
  • Monday 6th April (Training at rugby club)
  • Wednesday 8th April (Training at Uni)

So that we have all our kit for our tournament, the order must be placed on Thursday 9th April.  If you can’t place an order in person then please email

Sheila is guardian of the order form but Gilly, Euan, Ros, Paul and Jenn have been involved in the creation of the kit and tried on sizes, so can help if you have any questions.

Please be as proactive as possible, a lot of work has gone into getting us to this stage and we want everyone in the club to have chance to wear this great new kit.


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