COVID-19 Update

Dear all, 

I’m sure many of you will be aware of the recent developments in the coronavirus situation as the response enters it’s next phase. Over the course of yesterday, many large sporting bodies took the decision to cancel large events and domestic sessions. After meeting with the European Federation of Touch, the Scottish Touch Association (STA) have come to a decision regarding touch in Scotland at the moment.

The decision has been taken to postpone all events and training sessions for the time being, pending reassessment by the STA. This included domestic touch and international training camps. At present, there is no date where touch will return. You can read more on this statement here:

We at Stirling Storm HQ are obviously gutted by this, with the fantastic numbers we’ve had at Winter Training over the past weeks and with the Central Challenge Cup so near to tap off on Sunday. 

We wish you all good health during this uncertain time and hope to see you on the touch field again sometime very soon.

Best Wishes,
Andy Shaw, Stirling Storm President
Calum Sreenan, Stirling Storm Vice-President

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